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Monday, April 11, 2011

"What's a Florida?"

This was the question of the week on our vacation- "What's a Florida??" We were very aware of the fact that most of the novelty of Florida was lost on E2, but it was great fun introducing them to alllll the new things Florida has to offer! First off was the pool, Elijah seemed to take to it like, well like a fish to water:

"If Florida is full of these "My Baby Rings" things, I LIKE it!" -Eli
Ok seriously, how can a mother ever, in a million years, deny anything this little pipsqueak asks for?? "What's that Elijah? You want a brand-new muscle car and a tattoo? No problem."
Check out that little upper-arm muscle. Preeeetty impressive!
"Can somebody just bring me my bottle right here? Bartender?"
At first Evelyn preferred to view the pool from a distance, but patience and practice found her floating like a pro by the end of the week!

That first day of hanging out pool-side really took it out of her. She loved wearing this comfy cover-up, I think she liked it anyways, how could she not? It was a hand-me down- from Mommy!

Evelyn just loved hanging out on Papa's lap while he drove the boat!

Naptime on the boat! Never very long naps, but naps nonetheless.

It was HOT! Sippy cups with ice water were a big hit.

Just the boys.

Evelyn and Daddy."Mmm, this water is so refreshing! I spilled lots on my shirt so I could cool off."

"What's that Evelyn? You want a pony and a belly-button ring? No problem."

I think mom has a picture of me that looks just like this. A sweet moment on one of our boat rides.

Well, we know where Elijah gets his complexion! Me and my little big guy on the boat :)

Learning how to drive Papa's boat! We can never start too early!

One thing I learned: Don't expect to feel relaxed AT ALL after a vacation with kids. It was a wonderful time, but I came home feeling more worn-out than when I left! However, we are counting our blessings as I couldn't help remembering that the last time we were in Florida Andy was giving me shots in the tummy every night as we hoped an prayed for the IVF to work. This year we got to bring two new wonderful members of our family! We've come full circle :)


Bradi said...

LOL! You are such a hoot. And way to make me feel guilty (again!) for not getting my own FL pics on the blog yet. Ugh!
Anyways, as for the fatty twinner babies...E2, anytime you need a tattoo or a piercing you come see your Auntie. (I'll tell you from experience why they are BOTH terrible ideas!)
Love you & miss you!