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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cloth Diapering is Cooler Than You Think

Don't believe me? Well than you can just check out the next edition of The Guiness Book of World Records because Elijah, Evelyn, a few of our friends and I will be in it for...that's right, cloth diapering!

On Saturday, April 23rd all over the world, families who cloth diaper got together at various locations to change cloth diapers at exactly 12:30pm. It was so precise, in fact, I had to ask a total stranger to change Evelyn because the kid to adult ratio was required to be 1:1. We sat and chatted for awhile, she was a grandma to a little boy that had also come to the Great Cloth Diaper Change so we were all good.
I won't pretend to be something I'm not, there were a lot of folks there you might call "granola," aka all about the "going green" thing...that's about 5th on my list of reasons I cloth diaper. The first 4 go something like this:
1- It saves us money, lots of money.
2- They are cute.
3- I'm stubborn, and now that I've started and told everyone we're doing it, I ain't goin' back.
4- I'm addicted...so many fun patterns! So many types to try! It's trouble I tell you, trouble.
5- I like Earth.
Ok so there you go. Regardless of the reasons for cloth diapering, it really is a lot of fun and can be highly addicting. It has it's own lingo, facebook groups, forums, and now...it's own World Record!
Here we are at Hopscotch on Cherry Street where the GCDC took place. Everyone is rocking their Chicco Keyfit Carseats and the complimentary cloth diaper (cut in half) we were given to change the babes on and commemorate the event. From left to right: Evelyn, Elijah, Annika, and Anna. Note Anna's adorable blanket made by yours truly :)

Here's Evelyn and I as we waited for the big event to begin. She stole that toy from Ani, you will see later on the my kids are bullies!
Here I am apparently extremely happy about changing my kid's diaper...I'm not, honestly.

Alison and Annika all ready to change! I should mention that all of the advertisements sent out said the diaper change was at 12pm. Once we got to the store we were informed that it would not take place until 12:30pm. A half hour might not seem like much but when you've arrived early to ensure a good spot and refrained from changing your kids' diapers before you left home in anticipation of changing them as soon as you got settled at the store...let's just say all the kids were very ready to be rid of those diapers.

Nicki and Anna. My what a cute blanket!

Elijah thinks Ani's toy looks like lots of fun: "Hi Ani, I am a nice boy, may I see that toy a moment please?"

"What do you mean, 'No?' You are making me angry...you won't like me when I'm angry."

Here is Elijah just before I changed him. He'd forgotten about the toy and apparently moved on to something else. This is what it looks like trying to change his diapers nowadays. He doesn't look thrilled you say? I don't know what you mean, he just saw a pretty girl across the room!

Saturday had a happy ending- everyone's buns were clean, we won a toy and got two free wipes! Whether I was 100% sold on the idea of "The Great Cloth Diaper Change" or not, I was glad I went and got to spend some time with my kiddos and some other great mamas :)


tim and nancy said...


I love the expression on Elijah's face when Ani wouldn't share the toy


Krista said...

oh my goodness, Andy and I were laughing out loud for about five minutes at that sucession of photos! She didn't have any pity on him though.l...

Julia said...

Speaking of blankets we like... Eli and Evie's sure are cute! ;)