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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts For the Day...

1) I'm ready for hubby to come home. I must have gotten used to him being around because he's only been gone for two days!!
2) Love love love the new carpet, and so does Samson. He is snoring.
3) I enjoy watching "How It's Made" and currently they are showing how to make oreos. Mmmm I want an oreo, or 5.
4) So excited about my cloth diaper choices I could cry. The more I learn the more comfortable and adventurous I feel. So very tempted to buy the 3 pack on Babysteals.com today simply because the patterns are adorable. I. Will. Resist.
5) LOVE the bedding we picked out, now I just need paint. Contemplating asking hubby to paint the nursery while I'm in Georgia...it would be so nice to come to home to a finished paint job!! But at the same time, it's a lot of work and I don't mind helping...
6) Miss breathing freely while talking, laying on my back to read/watch TV, and sleeping on my belly. If this is the worst of my "grievances" I know I have it pretty darn good so I won't complain too much except to say: I miss these things.

The End, have a great Wednesday!!


tim and nancy said...

Fun thoughts Max!!
Love ya!!