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Monday, June 7, 2010

Go ahead and laugh...

I am SO excited about the prospect of cloth diapering.

I know many of you out there in cyber-land think I am nuts, but that only makes me all the more determined! I also have the benefit of lots and LOTS of other current cloth-users who tell me they love it...and NONE who have yet to say they hated it so much that they gave up.
As of a couple weeks ago we narrowed it down to pocket diapers- something I swore I wouldn't use because I didn't understand having to change the cover every time you changed the insert... Until I saw them in person that is! The pocket diapers just seem so much more fitted to me. They feel strong, sturdy, soft, and I can picture them lasting through multiple children. They are also very cute.
That said, I headed out to a boutique in Rockford today to start a registry for either Fuzzibunz brand or BumGenius. I ended up settling on Fuzzibunz on the advice of the store owner who made a good point: given my and Andy's height we would be safest to go with the higher rise of the Fuzzibunz to ensure them lasting through potty training. (These are one size diapers, meaning they grow with the babies, though we still intend to use disposable until they are out of newborn sized diapers).

Here is an example of a Fuzzibunz diaper...look how stinkin cute it is!!

Thankfully this store also carried a new brand called Flip Diapers that I had seen online but needed more information on. They are a perfect hybrid for me. They combine the fit and look of a pocket diaper with the convenience of a prefold (so you can reuse the cover and insert a new liner, most of the time). They also have biodegradable inserts perfect for days out- they can be thrown away just like a regular disposable diaper.

Here is a picture of a Flip Diaper in their pretty "Zinnia" color:

I'm sorry to say I opted to skip registering at the boutique in Rockford because I think it's just too far to drive for most of my friends and family but I found a great website (thanks to a friend) called Kelly's Closet that has some fantastic deals on packages as well as individual diapers. If you're curious check out the website! It's crazy how many options there are...


tim and nancy said...

they're adorable! (and there is going to be poop in there???) too cute.

Krista said...

i know, it seems a shame doesn't it?!