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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Andy's Child

We had another ultrasound this Monday, "routine" for twins, I guess we'll be having them about once a month from here on out. Like the last ultrasound I had a difficult time laying on my back for the majority of it. The nausea/discomfort at laying on my back has now progressed to even the slightest recline- car seats, pillows in bed, even my desk chair, so while I loved watching the babies move and do crazy things on the big screen I definitely breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. I'm counting my blessings though because I know if/when I am ever pregnant with just one baby I will miss all these little glimpses!
This week we verified that we do indeed have one boy and one girl, our little girl was much less shy about revealing herself to the camera and our baby boy was finally willing to give us a good look at his face. My ultrasound tech maintains that she is not supposed to give us 3D pics so shhh you didn't see the following images.

We also learned this week, now that baby boy is ok with showing us his face that he is truly Andy's child. Can a baby in the womb look any more like it's father than this kid?!"

Now I'd like you to prepare yourself for this next picture, this is how I knew this little boy most certainly does not take after his mother (please note, the mass to the left of the the pic is his sister's behind...he does have his reasons I suppose):

The next too images are of our baby girl, she was much more coy and rather sleepier than her brother. She also must be more apt to take after me since she is loath to show her face to the world when she just wakes up.

It's not as obvious with this child who she looks like but we think she's pretty darn cute nonetheless. I also like the fact that she appears to be sleeping quite peacefully and soundly. Hope you keep it up once you're born kiddo!

On an unrelated note, I took a nice long, relaxing bath this evening to help out my sore back. When I returned to my room I found this.

It refused to extricate itself from my sheets.

Even when I began taking close-ups of it's nostrils.
Glad I brushed it today, otherwise it might have left behind enough hair to make a 2nd Sammy.


Cassandra said...

I have pictures of sammy on Scotts boat.....it was fun, I also have video but I don't think I'll be getting those :O(...but what pictures I have I'll send your way!

by the way I miss my sammy nephew!

Bradi said...

Laughing. Out. Loud! Those are the greatest ultrasound pics. Can't WAIT to snuggle, nuzzle, and sniff my baby beaner neice & nephew.
And Ohhh Sammers, are you in for a surprise when your mama gives your hairy self the BOOT when she has her new babies in bed with her. Enjoy that spot while you can mister! :)

tim and nancy said...

wow, does the little boy ever look exactly like the Andiator. That's good because he is one handsome dude. Can't wait to see what the little princess looks like. They do look nice and cozy. Love you, Keep up the good work growing those little ones.