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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh For The Love of Gardening And Birthdays!

Well, I'm 24, and though 24 is young to some, it's the oldest I've ever been so don't knock it. :) Just kidding.

We had the whole Fam Damily over today for a mirade of birthdays:

Sydney - April 11th - One Year Old

Raegan - April 13th - Three Years Old

Krista - April 16th - Twenty-Four Years Old

Lori - April 23rd - Not Telling :)

It was a lot of fun and we finally got to make good use of not only the yard (more on that later) but also the sun porch which was just wonderful. It was so nice to sit out there in the 70+ degree weather and be shaded from the heat while enjoying the fresh air - LOVE IT! The men grilled up some hotdogs and burgers, we had salad, corn, potato salad, beans, spicy dip and chips...and of course, birthday cake. We sang, alot, at least four times for RG who loves the frivolity of it all and getting dressed up like a "princess."
Then there was Syd who being her typical unique self crawled around on the floor with a bracelet in her mouth:

Yes, we had a blast at the Heemstra Family Household and we are all ready for sleep (even Sam is passed out on the floor after almost a full day of being stuck in his cage).

Thank you to my hubby who spent all day yesterday helping me clean the house, shop for food, and fix up the yard to make it guest-worthy. Now we just pray for grass!!!


Bradi said...

Had a GREAT!!!! Time yesterday with you guys...Brad says next time he has to bring the bean bags since he's not good at Guitar Hero. =)
Your house is BEAUTIFUL, you did such a great job decorating. Great party overall...thanks again!

Tim and Nancy said...

You guys really know how to throw a great BBQ. I think Andy should have cooked a few more burgers and dogs....only 5or6 pounds of EXTRAS didn't seem like enough leftovers to me :)


Bradi said...

FYI...we're missing RG's make-up. Did you "borrow" it? LOL.