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Thursday, April 3, 2008

an addendum

Aside from Syd being a little under the weather everything went smoothly. Until...Autie Krista forgot that even though her niece is a big girl and goes on the big girl potty, she still needs to wear pull-ups when she is sleeping. Oops. That is officially the second time in one week that my bed has been peed on. Yes, I am afraid one of the cats has crystals in his urine and had an accident on the bed. (off to the vet we go) Anyways, lest I get too confident in my abilities (yeah, right) Raegan and her bladder kept me in check.


Allison said...

But still... you are the best auntie Krista ever!!

Bradi said...

Yes you ARE! I very much enjoyed both your posts and RG is still talking about your "kitties under your bed". Sounds like you had a great time and you are fully prepared for mommy-hood. =)

Anonymous said...

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