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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making my Sister Feel Better...

She's right you know, blogs make you look so nice all the time. Because who really writes about how they fought with their husband or spanked their kid? (not that you should write about those things, I'm just stating a fact). So, to join my sister in the inner secrets release, here are some things I've learned about myself lately.
#1 I really enjoy shopping and I start to feel store-deprived after just a few days. For one thing, I knew this about myself earlier but have been reminded of it lately. For another, it's an exaggeration to a point because if I'm hiking in the mountains for a week or something where stores are not nearby, I'm not tempted and I do not miss them. However, grocery shopping is one of my guilty pleasures because it means I get to walk slowly up and down a whole bunch of isles perusing the sales and hunting down good deals. Following grocery shopping I always have lots of food in the house and we can finally eat a real meal. (as I can promise you I've probably put off the act of heading to the store for a few days at this point).
#2 A dirty/messy home makes me agitated by I don't always have the gumption to do anything about it.
#3 I tend to unfairly blame my husband for said mess when I'm feeling lazy (sorry honey!).
#4 I don't work out as much as I should and my lack of grocery shopping at times leads me to eating foods I shouldn't.
#5 We go WAY to long between loads of laundry at our house. Occasionally Andy has gone on a long trip only to come home with MORE CLOTHES THAN HE LEFT WITH b/c he bought more. I can't really take the blame for this because he fails to put his dirty clothes in the laundry quite often...but still.
#6 If you tell me a recipe is good, I most likely do not know what is in it because I guessed on ingredients as I made it.
#7 I want one of those defrosting plates.
#8 Indoor plants tend to die in my care.
#9 It's not always underwatering- quite often it's over-watering.
#10 My car needs a bath – BADLY
#11 I hate spending money on store-bought cards so those thank you/birthday/wedding cards you get from me where I went the extra mile to write a special note in a handmade or blank card out of a package of ten are really just me being cheap. That doesn't mean I don't mean what I wrote though!!!
#12 I like to be right.
Now here is another thing on my mind, and it is totally off-subject: Death of a Salesman. Ever read the book? It's not really relevant to what I'm going to say except that it keeps popping up in my head. I work in sales. Being a Christian is kinda like sales. Your life has gotta make other people want what you've got. I've realized this before but it's been refreshed. Thankfully God is in control over it and not me because I would inevitably screw it up. But I think I might have a gift for one and not the other...we will see. Cryptic- I know. Don't read too far into anything yet.


Bradi said...

Nice to know you're normal too, although being your sister of course I knew it already. =)
As for the thawing plate, tell mom to "hook" you up with one...she found mine for me at a garage sale and it is seriously the bomb. Go Nanc. =)