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Thursday, October 4, 2007

One Thing After Another

Hubby is finally back!! Aaaand out with Chris for the evening. Brat. Nah, I'm just kidding, we all went out to dinner and a movie tonight, when, at about 6:30 pm I was all about heading downtown with them for line dancing at (uhg) the Margarita Grille (uhg) ... until after the movie when I decided that my looooooong week had caught up to me and I no longer felt like making it a late night. So...I told them that as long as they came home at a reasonable time, behaved, and I got Andy for the rest of the weekend, then they could go have a little fun without me.

So, although I am home alone for the rest of the evening, I'm determined to enjoy it since this week was just a tad frustrating.
Here is the low-down on my "fun" week:

Almost lost my cool with an overly frustrating customer, "passed her off" to one of my coworkers so that I didn't really lose it.

Aided a friend or two with relationship difficulties.

Dealt with another difficult customer who had two cabinets come in wrong. Said customer then proceeded to unload his frustrations on the entire accounting department by telling them that the 29th Street location needs "more knowledge and less eye-candy." I'm not going to even START on trying to explain this customer.

Missing Hubby every step of the way

Found out that Andy is leaving again on Sunday for "a couple days" after being home for only 3.

Had my internet and cable turned off because of "back payments" from the cable company for which I never recieved a bill, then finding out that said bills supposedly totalled over $200. (it was a mistake by the cable company, but a pain in the butt nonetheless)

Running out of refills at the pharmacy for my medication, leaving a message for the doctor asking for refills, a message which he never got. THEN when I finally got him to call them in, finding out that the pharmacy wouldn't fill it because they had record that someone had done it the day before (probably tried when I called the first time) and arguing with them until someone figured out what really happened. Give me my drugs!!!!
So, that's it. There were other frustrations at work, but I'm done complaining for now I suppose. I'll leave you with a wonderful blonde joke I got from a friend of mine (a great example of "eye-candy" no doubt):
A blonde's boyfriend decided to take her to a football game and hey had great seats, right behind their team's bench. After the game the boyfriend turned to his girlfriend and asked her how she had liked the experience.
"I loved it, especially the tight pants and all the muscles, but I don't know why they all tried to kill eachother over 25 cents"
"What do you mean?" asked the boyfriend
"Well, at the beginning of the game they flipped a coin and then the rest of the game everyone kept yelling: 'get the quarterback, get the quarterback!' Hellllloooo it's only 25 cents!!"

:)P.S. I may be a blonde, but I know the difference between a quarter horse, a quarter back, and a 25 cent coin:


Bradi said...

You're funny AND a cute blond. =)

Tim and Nancy said...

I don't get it....you never even looked at anything less than a buck. How can you be sure you know the difference of all those "quarters"?

:) Dad

Krista said...

dad, you're mean...