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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just a quick update because it's been a little while but I'm tired right now...
We are HOMEOWNERS!!!! yay!
So check out our new house on GRAR, it's 2444 Belfast Avenue, Grand Rapids MI 49507.
Here are a few reasons I'm so happy to be a homeowner:
I finally get to paint the walls any color I want, and I'm not required to return them to standard white when I'm done!!
The cats' litter box will be out of my pantry and in the basement.
Andy will ALWAYS have clean socks and underwear because I'll be able to throw in a load of laundry in my VERY OWN washing machine any time I want!!
We can start using all our wedding gifts that have been sitting in my parents' basement since we got married.
I can decorate how IIIIIIII want!
We can store extra meat in our basement fridge.
We won't be on top of eachother all the time- figuritively of course, we can spread out throughout the house.
We can get a puppy!!!
I'm nearby my friends :)
Talk to you soon!