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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things to Remember

I have to remind myself occasionally to write these posts that highlight cute kid moments.  Since I left my camera at a family get-together and cannot post cute kid pics this seems like the perfect opportunity.  So here are some "lately" moments from the kiddos.

Elijah in the car-
Eli- "A train!  Thomas!"
Mommy- "We don't watch Thomas, how do you know who that is?" (thinking I was pretty much talking to myself, I did not expect an answer)
Eli- "Eli watch Thomas at Gramma house!"
(This is probably one of the longest sentences he has ever uttered, caught me totally off-guard)

Evelyn at a Live Nativity where Christmas music about the birthday of Jesus was playing-
"Happy Burfday Baby Jesus!"

Both kids in regards to Samson licking them-
"Sammy!  No bite Eli!"  "Sammy! No bite Evie!"

Evelyn in response to someone asking her what her full name is-

Elijah after a shower with Mommy, Daddy put him in his bed all wrapped in a towel to wait till we could get him dressed.  When I went to get him he said: "Eli sooo nuggly!"  He repeated this perfectly adorable phrase tonight when I tucked him in bed.  He wrapped both arms around himself and said "sooo nuggly!"  Good grief child.

Evelyn's favorite phrase is "See you soon, Mama!"  Or "dada," or whoever else is leaving...

The minute we get in the car, both kids ask to listen to "Bone Away."  Carrie Underwoods- Blown Away...

And now for some of the not-so-cute: It seems like lately it's a constant dance to keep both kids from dissolving into terrible fights of sibling rivalry.  Every light switch that gets turned on, every button that needs pushing (elevators, van doors, etc.), every piece of trash taken to the trash can MUST be able to be done twice.  It's difficult for me to say no every. single. time.  Sometimes it's easier to let them turn a light off, then turn it back on so the other can turn it off (but I draw the line there), but boy does that stop the day cold and add extra second or minutes to each and every task.  I also struggle with how bossy they've gotten lately- everything must be "just so," especially for Elijah.  They now have preferences for the colors of their cups, the clothing they wear, even where Mommy sits on the couch when we watch tv together.  It's a fine balance, as I'm sure I don't have to tell other moms, between keeping the peace and also keeping them from ruling the roost.  "Choose your battles" is truly the name of the game these days!