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Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Jesus

I cannot not blog about this.  It just happened and I immediately dropped everything to write this story down.

Evelyn has been having a difficult time going to sleep lately for naps.  She hangs out in her room alright, but I often have to go in several times and remind her to get back in bed.  That's the rule- you can be awake, but you must be playing quietly enough that mama does not know you're out of bed or else you'll get put back in!

Anywho, I hadn't heard anything for awhile and thought it was safe to just confirm everyone was sleeping before I got started on my next project.  When I entered Evie's room she'd stripped the bedding off the bed and was nowhere to be found.

Then, quietly from behind her bed I heard her say "Baby Jesus."  Evelyn inherited my old nightstand.  I got it a garage sale and it's pretty old.  The top is a regular table, the underside has a spot for magazines or books placed on an angle.  There are two slats of wood that form a sort of "V."

Evidently Evelyn recognized this "V" shape as very manger-esk.  She had carefully laid her little blanket in there and I can only assume her next step was to place her little baby doll in as a Baby Jesus stand in.

She threw a fit when I reached over for the blanket (not having put two-and-two together yet), yelling "Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus!" So I put it back in place and while I did not want to reprimand her for what can only be described as "the best pretend-play ever."  I gently told her to stay in bed from now on...

Night night Baby Jesus.  And Evelyn.