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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kissin' My Sister and Eatin' Big Eats

"Hi Sister." "Hi Brother."

"I think you need a kiss."
"Hm...this is kinda weird."

"HELP! He's eating my face!"
"Look, I can do it too." Eli: "Oh man.."

"Seriously, do you know what we've just done!?"
"I'm so embarrased."

"But your cheek tastes kinda good."
"Who knew we had so much flavor!"
"Eli, do you think we'll regret this when we're older. This isn't one of those photos mom will pull out when when we bring dates home, is it?"
Evelyn: "Mom, you won't do that right? Especially because I have a big booger in my nose."
Elijah: "I'm pretty sure she would..."

In Other News:
We tried Oatmeal Cereal today...
Evie's first tastes

Elijah's first tastes.

Andy decided pouring might be faster, Eli seemed game.

"Gimme that bowl, I can do it myself."


"You got anymore of that stuff?!"


Julia said...

They're so stinkin cute!

tim and nancy said...

Evelyn looks like she is half asleep while eating. "Just stuff it in Mom and don't wake me up."

Krista said...

she is kind of a pro at eating without opening her eyes...what a lump