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Friday, February 25, 2011

Cloth, Crafting, and Carrots

The winds are blowing in a new direction...ish. Our babies are sleeping a bit better, we're down to one wake-up a night and a nice, early bedtime (with a nice, early morning to follow). We're getting the occasional warm day, usually followed by a blizzard, but still allowing us enough sunshine to raise our moods! Recently during one particularly nice day I decided to try sunning my cloth diapers. They haven't been too stained yet but I wanted to take the opportunity to get them out in the fresh air for a good couple of hours. I have yet to rig up a real clothesline, and am slightly stumped as to how to accomplish this without attracting Samson's attention too much, but here is my makeshift diaper-sunning contraption:

It was about this time that my neighbor stuck her head out the window and shouted: "Look at you, Green Mama!" Sure, call me Green, but it'd be more accurate to call me Cheap. :)
Another "hobby" I've taken up, or rather, gone back to, is crafting. It's been a life-long passion of mine and I'm so happy to have the time to devote to the occasional project. Recently I got all nostalgic and decided to remake a childhood favorite: The BooBoo Bunny. They are easy, made from a washcloth, ribbon, googly eyes, and a few pom poms. I've gifted one to every baby born in the last five months (that's 9, by the way) and a few other choice kiddos. AND sold two to friends who want to give them as their own baby shower gifts. The finished product:
I actually had a ton of super fun colors, brights and neons, but those are the ones I gifted first so these are the leftover more realistic bunny colors.
Sometimes I start projects just because I can't believe how simple they would be to make and how much they sell for if you buy one at a boutique. I usually like to put my own spin on them as well, so here are my "burpies," burp cloths crossed with taggies:
I've found so many fun snuggle flannels lately, and most of the stores have them 50% off or more. I listed them on my Etsy shop and included some previews of other fabrics:
Purple Gingham:Circles:
Fancy Hearts:

And last but not least, having a daughter only makes my obsession with making hair pretties all the more fun. Here is a little "nest" I made and named after my oldest niece Raegan. It just looked like her and I think it's best to list items on Etsy with real names rather than just a description:
This flower is appropriately named "Evelyn" as I made it for her to wear in her Grandma's wedding this weekend:

Last but not least I've continued on with the baby-food-making saga that started this summer with two bushel barrels of peaches (shared with the neighbors). This week I made carrots, sweet potatos, and bought some pears to get started with those. It's so easy and cheap and I'm loving my Cuisinart stick blender! I'll try to take some pictures later and post those but usually I'm scrambling to fit the baby-food-making in between naps so I'm not as leisurely in my picture-taking.
In other news, we've been braving lots of cold weather around here and Evelyn begged to be let out in the snow in her snowsuit:

Happy Friday!!


tim and nancy said...

You never cease to amaze me Max!

tim and nancy said...

Is that an extension cord clothes line? Somebody buy that girl a clothes line. ( :

Krista said...

It's a rope I borrowed from Cassie :) I'll have to get a real clothesline and some more clothes pins so I don't have to use all my chip clips..