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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pregnant Brain

Who knew it would start this early?

Last night I was sitting on our bed with my nightly pill in hand, talking to Andy. While we were talking the cat jumped up on the bed so I grabbed his pill too and sat with one in each hand while we finished our conversation.
Quickly, before the cat could run away I popped my pill and was reaching for the cat when I realized the pill left in my hand was a little big...I had taken the cat's pill! I yelled at Andy: "I just took the cat's medication instead of my own!" And we just stared at each other trying to figure out what in the world we should do. I considered making myself puke in order to get rid of it but that has never worked well for me so we decided to call my doctor's night answering service.
Explaining my story to the lady that answered the phone was...embarrassing. I mean, who takes their cat's pill on accident? The two look nothing alike; his is tiny and blue and mine is pretty large and white...but I had, and had to find out if I should try to get it out of my body, so I sheepishly explained the situation. I have to say, I loved her follow-up question: "Did you give your medication to the cat as well?" "No." I said, "it wouldn't have fit down his throat."
When the doctor called me back she sounded a bit annoyed and I'm pretty sure she thought I was a little crazy. She told me I shouldn't keep those two medications next to each other- duh. But also that that particular medication at such a small dose wouldn't harm me or the babies so I could relax.
Whew! Just because I can, I looked the cat's medication up online and found it is a Class C medication (used to treat pain and depression in humans and anxiety in pets, as my cat is neurotic) and not safe for pregnancy. However, some pregnant women will opt to take the medication as the benefits can outweigh the risks. And they take a dose 7.5 times higher than the little bit I'd taken. I really felt better after that.
Let's hope this is the "worst" thing I do. A lady at work told me she used to put the milk in the cabinet instead of the fridge...after this I think I might just be ok with that kind of slip-up! Oh, and one of the side-effects is sleepiness, considering I've taken nothing stronger than tylenol in 3 months, lets just say I slept like a baby!


tim and nancy said...

You slept good. Did you purr and meow too?

I'm happy nothing serious came of it!

Love ya-dad :-)

Krista said...

no purring, no meowing...that I know of? No dreams either- first in awhile!