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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things you do in Michigan in Wintertime

It's time for a new post and I don't have anything major to report. I also don't take pictures all that regularly, and when I do, my computer is too slow to upload them and/or let me edit them.

So as I sat down to post this evening I thought back on the last week or so and realized that all I've really been doing outside of work lately is find new ways to keep myself from going stir crazy. I figured those are as good a thing as any to write about so here goes!

Lately I have been...

Practicing "retail therapy." Ok, I don't actually practice this all that often but yesterday I had a bit of a bad day and decided to take myself shopping. I needed to get out of the office and had already eaten lunch so I went with the old standby- Target. Mind you, I don't really like to buy stuff to make myself feel better (well, the smart half of me doesn't...) but yesterday was just one of those days where I felt it would be ok to splurge on myself, just a little.

I wandered the isles, looked at jewelry, clothing, even housewares. I really do need a new teakettle. But I finally arrived (arove?) at the pajama department and my heart went pitter-patter.

I love PJ's.

I really love cute PJ's.

There is nothing better than putting on something that is not only warm, soft and totally comfy but also makes you feel cute.

So here is what I got: Striped Hooded Sleeptee
It's comfy, it's warm, it has a hood... and it was $8.59!
It made my day.
I also found a necklace for $2.98--I wasn't going to buy it. So frivolous, so cute...and it matched the nightie. Not that I'd ever wear the two together...nah. I caved and walked out of that silly store with $12 less in my pocket.
It was worth it.

The other thing I've been doing is going for long, ear-numbing walks with this:

You can't really say no to that face- trust me, this face has even more control over one's mind than shown in this picture. Just stare into those eyes - one brown, one blue - and you'll don jacket, ear muffs, scarf, boots and 3 pairs of mittens at the drop of a hat.

His gas is pretty terrible too- it has it's own mind-altering powers.

Last but not least, I've started working on some projects on this website: Scrapblog.com

I would show you all the cool things I can do with it... Only hubby has the fast computer and this one doesn't like anything having to do with pictures, editing or awesome online digital scrapbooking.

My next winter project? ....Convince said hubby that I need a better computer so I can nurture my habit...


Tim and Nancy said...

Wow, now that's a face only a "mother" could love!! :)


leitch family said...

Yay Scrapblog!!