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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back from Vacay!

It's cold here...After a week spent in Florida it's been a real treat getting used to this cold weather again! Ever the Michigander I sucked it up and dealt with it when I had to scrape off my car that first morning, but let me just get it out of my system once: “BRRRRR!!!”
Anyways, Florida was a fantastic time. We fished, tickled for lobster, snorkeled, ate out at yummy restaurants, and my favorite- got to pet and feed a manatee! Mom said he was my Christmas wish as he showed up behind the boat on Christmas morning! Practically gift-wrapped :)
The highlight for me (besides the manatee), was getting to really relax. When we went to Reno/Vegas there wasn't a whole lot of relaxing to be had since we had all kinds of activities pre-planned before we got there! Plus, Andy is such a “go-go” kind of guy that on this trip it was nice to let him and Dad hang out on the boat, putzing around, while Mom and I could go do “girl things” like reading a book, swimming in the pool, or shopping for deals in the fun local stores.
As with every good vacation though, by the time it was over we were glad to be home. We missed our pets, our friends and even our jobs. Andy always misses flying when he's not doing it (we HAD to make stop at the Marathon Airport one morning!), but I missed my students at church a lot too. Samson, Louis and Mr. Whitaker were happy to see us as well.