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Sunday, November 18, 2012


 I feel like a walking dichotomy at the moment.  I googled the definition just to be certain and here is what I found: "A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different."  Pretty accurate and here is why...I have never been a toddler person.  By that I of course mean other people's toddlers because I've never had any of my own until now.  I love other people's babies (although the infant stage was hard for me as mom with two to care for, I still LOVE a good baby snuggle), but once they hit toddler hood I've always been kind of hands-off.  Even with my own nieces, nephews, and friends' kids...I love them, in the way that you love family and friends, but from about 2-4 years old I have just always felt this disconnect.
Additionally, while I am still SO THANKFUL to be done with 3-a-day naps, bottles, up-all-night crying, and babies that cannot communicate, toddler-hood (and the "terrible twos") have officially descended upon our household and are rearing their ugly heads.  (I feel like I need to add at this point too however that we are not done having children, just that in the future we hope to have them one at a time;)...
 Here's where the disconnect comes in...I am LOVING this stage way more than I ever thought I would!  I'm exhausted, I feel like my brain is on planning overload most of the time, I sometimes talk in toddlereese, I'm occasionally desperate for adult company, and of course I still feel like I'm losing my mind on a regular basis, BUT...the personalities, interaction, and just all-out craziness emerging from my two year olds right now is SUCH A BLAST.  We had such a fun day yesterday.  It started out with the Grand Rapids Jaycees Santa Parade in downtown GR.  I'd wanted to go last year but we missed it, which honestly is probably not a bad thing considering how well the twinners sat through...anything....last year.  But this year was perfect, even better than the parades we attended earlier this summer, they seemed to really get it and we just really had fun.
 Don't let Elijah's stoicism fool you...he had fun, but about halfway through I think he just got a little overwhelmed and tired.  He was content to be held or sit quietly on the curb and take it all in.  Near the end of the parade the Davenport University Rugby Team came by and were asking for a little boy who would hug the rugby ball for a picture.  None of the other kids were stepping up so I sent Eli up there and he happily hugged the ball for a picture.  The best part was- they let him keep the ball!  They just walked away leaving him with this giant red/white/black ball!  It's been a hit ever since, he loves to carry it around or sit in his carseat with it on his lap beating it like a drum.  Pretty sweet if you ask me, I searched all over Daveport's website to see if they'd posted the pic anywhere but I haven't seen it.
 Evelyn met and made friends with "Gracie" the big, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog (I hope to have one of these one day!).  I just love this picture, Evelyn must seen Santa coming and Gracie is obviously hoping Santa has dog treats.
 And there he is!  After almost two hours of parade he was there!  In his bright red sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer :)
 We finished up the day with dinner and games at The Tallman's house with all of our great church friends: The Paarlbergs, Westhouses, and Shelley's.  Six toddlers, all within 9 months of eachother- lots of fun!  Spaghetti was a hit, and a big thank you to Jessica and Rebecca for watching the kids so the parents could play :)
Cheeseball loves to smile for the camera in between slurping spaghetti noodles!


tim and nancy said...

Great pics and fun story...who's the mom with the red hair?