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Sunday, September 30, 2012

ArtPrize #3

For the first ArtPrize I was approx 37 weeks pregnant.

For the second ArtPrize we had curious one-year-olds.

For the third ArtPrize we have hot-dog-lovin' crazy, still curious, tantrum-throwing almost-two-year olds.

I think I may always see ArtPrize as a milestone of sorts.  They certainly fill up their strollers much more than they did last year.  They are easier to feed, just as uninterested in riding along rather than walking as they were...So this year we added shoulder rides to our modes of transport.

Evelyn's "handle bars" were not prompted in any way.  This is simply how she chose to hold on.

Pretty cool.

Family portrait on the bridge.  I see that a combinations of summer, the end of Body by Vi, and the energy-suck that two two-year-olds provide has made it high time mommy steps back on the treadmill...   :(


tim and nancy said...

I can't help myself. I have the cutest grandkids and one of three of the best looking families there is!
Love ya! dad

simply yours said...

Uncle Tim, if there was a "like" button, I would hit it a million times on your comment, you can't be more right!

Krista said...

aw you guys are so nice ;)