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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Figs and Golf Balls

What do the two have in common?
They are both the approximate size of our babies this week! :)
Many of you have probably heard of a website called "the bump" or possibly "baby center" which each week of your pregnancy send you an update with the fruit your baby's size is most comparable to, but did you know there is also a man-version of the fruit list? The one I use is on the website www.hisboyscanswim.com which is really more of a blog, but has come in very handy for helping us visualize our babies' size since really, how many of us can conjure up the image of a fig (or kumquat, or rutabaga) at a moments notice? Besides, is it a large fig or a small fig? Where was it grown? What particular type of fig? A golf ball, now that is easily understandable- regulation size, no questions...I hope this means they'll have dimples ;)


Cassandra said...

of course they will have dimples......just teach them NOT to throw a fist full of sand in someone's eyes! don't worry I've forgiven you about that! lol, I don't keep track of things like that!


Krista said...

apparently you DO keep track of things like that! and i used to do that to the neighbor dog when i was little too, so don't feel too special ;)