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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Samson . 10pm

This is Samson around 10pm on any given night:
Course it depends on the activities of the day to which degree he is sprawled, but you get the picture. (sorry about the picture by the way, which is a bit of an assult on the eyes- it was dark in there and hard to focus).

A closer look:
This is also the face we get every morning until about 11am (if it's a Saturday or a day off). He likes his sleep. And won't budge from that spot till he's good and ready. In fact, I think he's pretending to be dead. Having been caught with one eye open he's now decided to embrace it and go for the "dead dog" look. Go ahead, try and rouse him.


Beth McLeod said...

Oh Sammers, he is too funny!