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Monday, November 10, 2008

Plumbing- One of those things you take for granted. Till it's gone.

So last night as I walked in my back door after a full day of church activities I knocked our little message board off the wall and sighed (or maybe swore, jk). It had been a looong day, I was tired, I had a new book I wanted to start reading, and I needed to put another nail in the wall to keep that stupid thing up. I sniffed the air thinking it smelled a little musty, but we'd been gone all weekend so I figured it was just stale air. As I bent to pick up all the little chalk pieces and magnets from the floor I heard the unmistakable sound of water dripping in our basement - Fantastic. Expecting to find water dripping from the ceiling onto my washer, which is what happened last spring when our dishwasher sprung a leak, I traipsed down the stairs, turned the corner into the laundry room, and was hit with a blast of hot, moist air. The entire basement was steamy. There was condensation on the walls, the glass block windows were completely fogged, miriads of spider webs with little beads of condesation were hanging from the ceiling, and there was water spraying out of the pipe behind my utility sink.

To make a long story short, I couldn't find any valve that would turn off the water and had to call my neighbor who came over and tapped on the hot water heater (of course it's the HOT water) valve with a hammer for about five minutes before it would budge. It seems there is a crack in one of the fittings by the utility sink which was causing hot water to spray all over my laundry room. Thankfully nothing was too damaged as the water was actually spraying over the sink and water was running down the drain.
Now it's about 16 hours later, I need a shower, I'm missing work at Thornapple, and I NEED A SHOWER.

I'm gonna go try to get some work done from home and wait for this guy:

Because I'm sure this is what he looks like.


leitch family said...

Just caught a peek at said plumber and no...he doesn't look like that :)

Tim and Nancy said...

Was it the infamous JOE the plumber?