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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little R n R

Rest...and Relaxation!

Since I cannot possibly sum up the entire 10 days in a single blog, I'll get right to the pictures!

Reno Sign, right by our hotel.

I don't remember what these guys jumped out of but it was some big military plane...


Thunderbirds Again!

I hate this picture of me, but it was one of our days hiking in Reno.

One of the racing planes - I believe this was the T6 series? I'm learning...

Gotta Rock the Aviators.

I'd be a lot sexier without that big scab on my arm.

Nemesis- This plane also raced in the "sport" class, meaning they are home-built and crazy fast. between 400-500 mph
I believe this was somewhere in Bally's Paris Casino...

My Cousin's little boy Isaac. We ate at Mon Ami Gabi- yuuuuum.

Andy and Whoopi

This is me and Nicholas Cage (we're buds now)

A living statue in the Venetian


This little guy was one of Sigfreid and Roy's baby tigers in the Mirage exhibit. They were only 5 months old! They also had an 8 day old baby dolphin.

More pictures to come but I'm still a little jet-lagged and it's time for bed!!


Tim and Nancy said...

Wow Krista, What a great trip that must have been. You guys look relaxed and happy ( why not? all the ingredients were there: planes and animals ) and of course each other. Glad you are home safe, look foreward to seeing the other 300 pics. Love ya.

Bradi said...

Sweet pics! Glad you're home safe. I missed you!!